Monday, September 24, 2007

.. [ forty-one days greater than one ] ... "Because, I want to help you, and I think I know how."

forty-one days greater than one

When I was a kid I always dreamt of being a forest ranger. It motivated me from six the grade to a sophomore in college...

When I was a kid
and I passed through slip 'n slide
I dreamt of Yogi
Boobboo and the 'pick 'nick baskets a'glore.

When I was a bopper
I prayed born again prayers
never listened to records backwards
and prayed through osmosis
electron magnitude
and derivatives
praying each day of passing all
four years of English
and science so I could
sit and pray in a forest alone with god.

When I was in college I realized
God never meant me to be alone in a forest
and made me gay!

I sometimes wonder what my CCO's dreamt of when they were a little kid. I bet it was not about making sure they forced dreamful people on the streets. I bet it wasn't about making sure they used the small bit of power the courts call discretion, to make sure they did everything in their control to manipulate and hold dominion over their wards, even when their perception is absolutely wrong.

I bet, ah who cares! You can't change bad people, with dark hearts, you can only give them power. I am amazed on how I walk the halls of this department, always asking myself the same question when I meet a new or old CCO, "So why are you really wanting to work in the special sex offender unit?"

So far, I have only found that the SDRP department, has ever answered my question the way I thought was right, "Because, I want to help you, and I think I know how."


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