Thursday, September 27, 2007

.. [ 79th day of out of control system ] ..

So yesterday my mother got the word that Arizona approved my transfer. I left a message with my CCO, and with the duty reporter of the day, as well as voice mail for the field administrator who bogarded my 11:00 meeting today. Which meant I went to the DOC twice today. Which a bit of a walk.

Rushing to get to me legal meeting when 12:00 came around waiting to speak to someone within the DOC, was nerve racking as the meeting I was having was with an attorney to help me litigate the law suite I have agasitn DOC. Ironically, for some of the very issues I am having here.

But, NOW she is telling me she will not call anyone until I give her the paper work that says AZ approved me.

We do not get these paperwork. It was a curiosity call from Arizoan to my mom. They faxes Washington the paperowrk on Monday. now, since she is out of the office she is not goign to adress it till Monday. Just liek all the never addressing the addresses.

I can not believe these people, here. She claims without it she will not make a phone call o the ICAOS since I am taking too much of her time.

But, wasn't her that helped perpetuate this homelessness?

I am at lsot of words.


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