Thursday, September 20, 2007

.. [ day greater than one ] ..

So I honestly think I lost count! LOL

Tonight when I check into my homeless shelter (UGM) I will figure out the count, since they keep miticulous track.

But, yeah, I am still homeless. Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day. There is a lot to talk about. But, a lot I think I need to keep in.

So I will.

So yeah, yesterday was a very fruitful day. Usually, around this time music typically pops in my head and I psot a song of how I am feeling. But, today the only music I feel are the ones that the over teh counter cold medicine has not alleviated, and the ones of my feet.

Blisters, everywhere. I have never seen so many blisters on my feet! They are rubbed so raw that I swear it looks like a foot sufferring from leprorsy. Hm ...

I need to go sit some palce warm and fight this cold.


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