Thursday, September 13, 2007

.. [ day thirty ] .. Polygrapher, "Uhm, you mean you haven't been hit by a truck, yet?"

So today, I was walked into the DOC, and I saw one of the polygraphers that is part of my law suite. The dialogue we had, was a little disturbing:

Myself, "Oh, Hi how is your day going?"

Polygrapher as he looks at me behind the DOC front counters glass window, "Uhm, you mean you haven't been hit by a truck, yet?"

Myself, "Nope, they all have your name on it, so I keep dodging them."

The secretaries in the office who over heard the conversation, sat their motionless. I was like WTF? Can you imagine, this guy making such a disturbing comment. Inside the DOC office walls, this guy gives polygraphs, some of who have to pay $150 an exam, to sex offenders, relying on him to interpret, with some respect of reliability! Or they will be incarcerated. (I always hear, 'Oh, you will not be incarcerated if you fail a polygraph.' But, when talking to many sex offenders, who have failed polygraphs on false-positives, you always here something quite differently. It is a fact, you do get arrested on polygraphs on false-positives. The fact that polygraphs alone do not lead to an arrest is a fiction. And the in reviewing both the best-practice and the results of the DOC Hearings, which are nothing more than a rubber stamp and a 'kangaroo court', it is evident that the many testimonies by these sex offenders are true, you get arrested on a polygraphers opinion and convicted on his report alone! Heck this guy wants to run me over, and is 'at ease' in saying this inside the DOC office. In front of fellow workers. But, in all honesty, this is no different in many ways from the many incorrect entries I have seen in chrono logs, the very same entries that caused me to start tape recording my DOC meetings!)

A man and a staff so willing to sit and accept such a comment, is disturbing. I mean, the statement is filled with bias, malicious intent towards wishing harm and more importantly a comfortableness to express this harm all within the confines of the DOC walls. But, I will be honest with you, this sex offender is not surprised. I have learned to live it being part of the DOC Special Sex Offender unit, on a daily basis. I saw it last year, when surprise polygraphs where being pushed upon me, and when I walked out from not failing, I saw the frustration in the CCO's faces. I saw it when I heard a CCO say, '..well you passed the exam because..' during a DOC hearing. It is fascinating, none of that information was mentioned when she decided to make a post conviction modus operandi on me. So she could blast to who ever wanted to hear it. I see ill unaccounted for behavior, in my everyday life, every time I walk into these offices.

Now, I never asked to roll the dice, it has been pushed upon me, under the auspices of not being anymore obtrusive than a urine or drug exam. I propose, that those exams have no test examiners wishing o run me over. Or is this case, for these exams to have the dice be loaded. I have talked to hundreds of sex offenders, and my feelings are affirmed.

What a dirty little game. One that looks great on paper ... great for CYA ... but does absolutely nothing for remediating the perception of a problem. Unless, of course you can discount, a government official, or someone acting in that capacity, being allowed to wish bodily harm on a sex offender as justifiable!

There was more about DOC. But, hey, its a record, that I just passed on to Senator Kohl-Welles, No changes. Just the same baited breadth.


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