Monday, September 24, 2007

.. [ 76th day of being held hostage ] .. I am sure, he would have put a stop to this madness.

You know, if a person was held hostage for 76 days, the world would be in an uproar.

But, if a sex offender is held at hostage, it is called doing a great job.

There is a certain theme in the sex offender policy makers here in Washington. It appears to be postulated, "if a person is characterized as the most despised and then designated as a level III sex offender then he should be kept hostage until his keepers feel they are just."

But, who watches the keepers? Especially, keepers who are skilled at perpetuating the problem instead of solving are mitigating it?

That is the sex offender system we have here today in Washington. I can not forget how many times CCO's have told me, while smiling as they drove me to jail for yet another capricious violation, "It is what society wants."

This system calls for CCO's to write in reports, their opinions, then portray them as fact to the general public. With these same very opinions will then be used in Civil Commitment hearings for alleged sexual predators, or on a witness stand as character witnesses. There they will spill their opinion, allegedly based on years of experience, that the person in front of them are a danger to society. Sure, they may say the opposite, but really what kind of hearing would that be?

Today. I had the same CCO, who now is my new CCO, tell me 'your last CCO restricted you from an area' when I yet again submitted a new addresses, of so many that I have stopped counting. Trying to mitigate my own precarious homelessness, it is ironic that my now new CCO forgot that it was her alone who told me I was to be out of the U.District 76 days ago, 'by July 4 at 5pm.' And it was the very same CCS who prior to that date refused me to move to a place in Revenna, I provided days before.

In fact it as well this very same CCS, the other CCS was just recently replaced, who said, 'Nope, Ravenna is too close.' And would not allow me to stay at the Franklyn downtown, where other sex offenders live, allegedly due to 'safety reasons'. It is this same CCS, who used to be my CCO, who drove me out of the U.District area by pushing my last CCO to do his dirty work for him. Just like he tried before, but then the DOC had a bright star, a CCS, who only lasted several months. When I heard he left I had to send him an email telling him 'your a good man, I am sorry to see you leave.' I am sure, he would have put a stop to this madness. 76 days ago!

I sometimes feel bad when I look at the legal documents in front of me. I sometimes wonder, if that basketball player CCO will turn sour too? I sometimes look at the few I see with respect and I wonder, how long will it take before they too forget why they are really here.

Protection of the community.

Protection of the community.

Wait - wait - who am I - o yeah I forgot ... I am allegedly the bad wolf. The very same bad wolf that when it is important to justify long violations, or a capricious elevation from level I to II, then an aggravation from II to III, or in scoring that LSI or that CHR, or the PSI or that RMA I am the worst-of-worst, and that extraction from my home, where there is safety, is imperative! Imperative to the safety of the community. I do not forget, that the very CCO who is no longer my CCO, was in fact taken to my last address by my now new CCO.

Yeah, it is ways easy to describe a bad apple: All you have to do is write the words for this story. My fingers are tired. And ultimately, since this is more an inconvenience-than-not, I can only yet again emphasis my point.

No one cares about the safety of the community in the current system. They care more about what they appear to be doing.

The writing is on the wall, and I think I need to make an apple pie. Today is the 76th day. Tomorrow my 46th birthday. I reveal in what I see. For I know I am not homeless, I am being made homeless, to prove a point.

The question is, who will stop the madness? Because, you do know I am not hired to mitigate my own risk, and only find it refreshing to note, that my only vices are in writing these words.

Every morning I am awoken by a person in the shelter that says, 'the beat goes on, the beat goes on.' How appropriate, I just feel sorry for the next victim by some sex offender, who does not have my coping skills, or does have bad vices, and out of frustration commits new crimes at the hands of these very maligned CCO's behaviors.


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