Wednesday, September 12, 2007

.. [ day twenty-nine ] .. Madonna

So I had that meeting with the CCS, today. The result is disturbing. So as a sex offender I discovered it is my responsibility to mitigate all risks I am allegedly am to the community. This CCS said, 'It is your responsibility to bringing us an address that fits under the acceptable criteria. Then we have, up to DOC policy 10 days to respond.'

I respond, "But, it was your group that made me a RM-A? It is your group that made me a level III, by putting into place fifth amendment waiver issues in front of me? But, it was your organization, and you, that signed documents that outlined me as a risk to homeless youth in the U-district and Capital hill areas? How is your group that every time I sit in front of a violation board that outlines my serious danger to society and ask for maximum sentence time? It is your group that wrote up a fallacious and in accurate Report of Alleged Violation report, outlining a 'MO'?"

I guess I really do not get it? Mitigation is not passive responsibility. Nor is it vigilante supervision. The discussion must be grounded in the exact processes that mitigate issues of safety as how it applies to risk, not on saving jobs, or advancing careers.

Oh yeah the other excuse, "We do not have funding to provide you a place to live that was taken away in June of this year."

Ha! I am not asking for funding, I am asking for you to stop being capricious, and recognize, if you are so diligent about justifying peoples incarcerations time, with these Risk Management tools, then don't discount them, when it is convenient for you.

It appears, maybe the system isn't broke? Maybe, these people have not done their homework?

I need to hear some Madonna tracks. Oh wait, bad link. Hm .. Maybe some Peaches? No, I can not even fathom to relive the prosecutors use of imagery using her form of 'dirty dancing','if you play the record backwards you will hear subliminal messages' parody to the jurors.

Ah.. what the heck no music! Just a picture.

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