Tuesday, September 25, 2007

.. [ 77th day of deludge ] ..It is about DOC doing their job and protecting the community!

Yesterday and today my new DOC officer gave me some quotable quotes, that are worth mentioning, as they reflect the deluge of troublesome over sight these people work within. This is not government lethargy, this is plain abuse of administrative power given to people who have let society motivate them to do bad things, opposed to staying within the spirit of the law:

" ... well I get to go home every night and sleep on a bed .. ""

"... o'yeah 'CCO' is in Olympia, and she says 'Hi.' ... " [ said with sarcasm ]

" ... O I am sorry, I called and left a message .." [ Yes, finally I submitted the address 13 days ago, in which the previous CCS, the person I submitted it to, and finally her, all said they would research it that day? This is not responsibility, this is irresponsibility. I am glad she has a bed to sleep in, I would wish the hard floor on noone. ]

"... everyone within the DOC knows who you are ..." [ which I respond, then why has nothing been done ]

"... well it depends on what kind of attention you want ..." [ No your wrong for I am asking for something simple; quit playing games, I have researched well over 2000 criagslist postings, and the few who have responded I have submitted. In each case everyone has been played games. Either, never calling. Waiting till someone else researches it. O wait, this BLOG says it all no more rant. ]

However the DOC position themselves, their exists the troublesome outstanding issue; that it has now been 77 days since the DOC capricosuly threw me out of my residence, never mitigating housing issues for an alleged level III sex offender who has been given the highest reoffend score, written about viciously in reports with unqualified accusations, and has emphasized when violated, he needed to spend maximum time in jail for the protection of the community. There is nothing more than simple to this matter, the DOC is horribly dysfunctional, and showing signs of it.

It is unfortunate the organization that can be quoted as saying that thy all know who I am, has yet to find a true leader. One that can accomplish a simple task. Mitigate the perceived risk of level III sex offenders.

In a gist, we have the media pounding how we must enact laws that are nothing more than feel good legislation. We have DOC officers who are acting capriciously, then covering their tracks through scrupulous report writing techniques. We have, allegedly all of DOC, knowing who I am, and none of them with the leadership to do the right thing.

This isn't about the DOC needing more funding, or about needing monitoring tools, such as ankle bracelets, this is about the DOC protecting the community, with the richest tool they have - common sense.

It is obvious every night as I sit in the shelter, watching the DOC play games of semantically working on approving addresses, I am reminded, that as the shelters fill, there is no need for more jails or a new DOC facility, there is a need for the organization charged with safety of known criminals to act, not punitively, but instead responsibly.

It is about DOC doing their job and protecting the community!

Day number 77.


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