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.. [ day twenty-three ] .. the system is failing, and these failures are perpetuating the very things we can control to make a change, and protect


Today was a busy day. After my long day of homage, I had a full day getting from place to place. Choosing to walk this time, since, I am gaining way too much weight.

I got an email, from a fellow activist, who was going to be at the meeting in Tacoma for the girl who recently was raped and murdered by a level I sex offender. I really wanted to go. First because, it disturbs me, that such a young girl and family had to pay with her life.

And as well, I really believe, although you can not prevent people who are prone to murder from murdering (Minority Report), psychologists have shown that managing depression is the best way to make help people who have been found to have this type of propensity. And importantly, I think this girls life could have been saved, but I really don't think the right questions are being asked.

If I had the ability to ask the questions, I would ask:

1. Can serial murders, rapists or criminals be stopped from committing crimes?
2. Are criminals committing these types of crimes, similar in what triggers them to commit crimes?
3. Can depression intervention prevent people who have been found to be prone to committing crimes?
4. Is our penal system doing enough to manage depression if this helps people who are identified as high risk to recidivate?
5. Is our judicial system doing enough to manage depression if this helps people who are identified as high risk to recidivate?
6. Is our legislature doing enough doing enough to manage depression if this helps people who are identified as high risk to recidivate?

I then would add my two cents of personal experience, by telling of an experience I had just today in the lobby and speaking to DOC CCO's and other sex offenders.' I have interjected by impressions of what I saw in italics after each statement:

..To my question of what is going on with the Mountlake Terrace address submission, I gave over 30 days ago, my CCO answered, so un carrying, 'No, the address in Mountlake Terrace, there is still no word.' Nor is there ever going o be a word. Since, it does not matter what you have written in the chrono logs, or said you did by fax, if you don't want the transfer, it will never happen. It has now been over 30 days since I first gave you the address, it is clear you want me homeless. Do you really think that when us sex offenders sit in this office, we do not talk, and we do not share stories, that you do this and similar things to everyone? It is obvious, you love the fact I am homeless, and you have absolutely no concern, because you know what we all know, most of us level III sex offenders are not a danger to society. You manage maybe 25 people, and you can not make sure a level III is not homeless?

..'So you are taking a shower everyday, where?' Quit looking at me with baited breadth, predator, like I told you yesterday, less than 18 hours ago, the Urban Stop is an amazing place that cares about people who are homeless.

..'I want you here between 8 and 9 each morning' So you made me homeless so that you can force me to come here every day and submit to 'your heiress?' This is more than punishment, this is a mental mind game. Luckily, I know the quickest way with dealing with being abused, is to know that your abuser is wrong!

..'So where are you going in the morning?' I need to know so I can touch you, because if I touch you every day ever hour I am mitigating risks.

..'What time does the UGM have you come in?' The UGM has told me that you guys have come by on more than one occasion looking to see if I am really here. They have told me, you have looked through the log book, you know I am here, quit asking me stupid questions. They are not even rhetorical, and they only emphasis by point that you have no clue on what are the right triggers.

The list goes on, but honestly, who cares. It is obvious the reason there is a meeting in Tacoma is because some poor family and their daughter got snatched, then murdered, by a level one sex offender; who the system after 17 years of implementation, have absolutely no way of anticipating propensity for a person to commit such a heinous crime.

But, could have they?

We have spent millions on building databases, hiring Special Offender Units, and we still are having horrendous crimes being committed. The very time these millions where spent on process and people, I proposed several years ago to Harold Clarke, that the very tools being they are so reliant upon, the LSI, CHS, RMA, etc.. to evaluate risks of offender's, where being implemented in such a manner that subjectivity disturbing. This objectivity was skewing facts and propagating misstatements of truths, and giving the state and public a false impressions of risk management.

My response? Well, none from the man himself, but Rob McKenna, the undersecretary of he DOC at the time, did take the time to respond: His response amounted to, 'we evaluated and have had the appropriate people look in to your complaint.' Their response, 'it appears you need to seek solution at the lowest level, then if that does not solve the problem, resend a complaint.'

I love the 'lowest level' response. It in effect says, we take our process over your belief that we should be accountable. Familiar, with the failed and very abusive use of lowest level solutions from Corporate America, I recognize that DOC actions are abusive and self perpetuate lack of accountability.

It is plain to see the the system is broke, and being in the trenches, I see now years later, the results of those ignored complaints, and it is soundly saying that not only is the system broke, but the DOC has now implemented some form form of internal self-healing, through a lowest level resolution policy, that is the purest form of governmental subterfuge. In my own personal experiences I find the following actions by the Special Offender Unit within DOC disturbing, and use the following facts as support:

1. The system makes sex offender's homeless, even when they have means of support.
2. They belittle sex offenders until they break and some commit violations!
3. Then they write in crono logs their unqualified opinions, that turn into facts the can use later be used as evidence during civil commitment hearings, or to raise their sex level registration levels.
4. In addition, the sex level registration process is broken. It is capricious in its implementation, and then the courts do nothing in real time to make it accountable!
5. The DOC special sex offender unit, writes in chronological logs, facts that are not representative of their supervisee. Then they arrest and incarcerate a person for tape recording their illegal activities, without first verifying the law supports their actions. Then abuse the court system, by making offenders initiate litigation to prove they are acting inappropriately.
6. The DOC along with the Seattle Police Departments, special sex offender units, work in tandem to propagate reoffend rates, by pushing sex offender's into positions of homelessness, feelings of lack of self worth, and no ability to develop self concept. These all anger the most sane of people and drive others to physical anger, depression and abuse! Ultimately, become the very triggers that contribute negatively to self worth and reentering society in a positive manner.

After speaking with countless sex offenders who are whispering, in fear of being retaliated against, I do not feel I am being harsh in any way, and am clearly delivering reflections of many sex offenders I have met.

What everyone is forgetting, is that sex offenders are forced into treatment, and in treatment, they are learning that their CCO's have no clue of what generates reoffense triggers.

I once heard a governor state, 'Our DOC officers are professionals.' I immediately wanted to get on line and send an email and say, 'they are not professionals for they show every sign of being vigilantes' and they surely are not trained as therapists, psychiatrist, psychoanalysts, the list goes on, for if they were, they would not be doing the very things that create anger and the triggers which commit crimes. A few days ago I got a correspondence in the mail offering me the opportunity to be a DOC officer, I read it and thought, OMG.

What I find fascinating, is that when I read the reports that have been written about me, and a few of others who have shared them with me, I see a common theme, a theme of deception in regard to triggers, triggers that are not representative of the offender's actual behavior. Today, as I was waiting for my CCO to see me. I saw a CCO come back from court, dressed up and looking rather dapper. In his hands a stack of cases. Poor guys, I thought, poor guys, where are their advocates? The ones that at minimum assure they are being represented to the community properly.

The decks are stacked. There is no words that can describe the abuse of a system that perpetuates the very actions which they purport to prtoect.

All of this of course creates anger, and I have more than not, have heard sex offenders talk about being forced into feelings of not being human, being forced to feel strong emotions that attack their very self worth. I have great empathy and sympathy for people who carry a burden of suffrage, even those who have committed very disturbing crimes. Especially, when it is evident they are working to set right, and the system is working so hard to against the very things that can create success.

Luckily, I suffer from homosexuality, and I learned a long time ago to ignore people 'who just don't get it'!

I do believe we can never stop crimes, and we do have the power to manage those that have committed crimes. But, the system is failing, and these failures are perpetuating negatively the very things we can control to make a change, and protect our communities.


Yes he has died :( ...

... homage is in order ...

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stunninglotus said...

All to often society's motto seems to be making someone feel less than human ...I have lost faith in human compassion , compassion seems to be as old as the dinosaur , extinct ..

Always Keep on holding it down brother ...