Friday, January 25, 2008

..[ ladytron ]..

I am sitting here now for several weeks waiting for my travel papers back to Seattle.

But, in the meanwhile I found a cafe, that reminds me of the place I miss so much. They are playing "Ladytron" - the art - the white walls - the Friday night, it is all so familiar - it is all SO DAMN sad.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

... [ well ... hmm ... ] ..

Today, I go the word that Arizona is refusing to allow me to be transferred from here to Portland. They are demanding that I go back to Seattle and straighten out the debacle of being transferred here under parole when it appears I should have been put under probation.

They have pressured me to ask for a request to transfer back to Washington, or to stay here and have to make a claim about my crime that is not true, in order to take part in treatment.

They asked that I go to a therapy program here that would accept me with not having to admit the crime, but after talking to the therapist it is a scary proposition. In the course of an hour meeting she informed me that the program from which initially denied me treatment had a therapist there that was fired four time.

It is scary. If she is so willing to talk about someone personal life. Then she would equally be willing to say things that are potentially not true in my case. I am not willing to take a chance. Especially with all teh issues that have been part of this crazy experience.

Anyways .. M.