Saturday, August 18, 2007

..[ day two ]..Re-arrest Less Likely for Sex Offenders

Today I was given a potential apartment that I could move into by my therapist R. Unfortunately once going there and talking to the management, the manager determined that since my last CCO was over all the SO in that complex, that he would thought it would be risky to the program for him to submit me to the DOC. And that in all likelihood they would automatically not approve me, and more importantly he thought that with all the issues I have raised, it would be best not to bring the controversy to the complex, since DOC is prone to be vindictive.

I can understand the church groups concern. With over 7 level III sex offenders in the complex of 20 or so units, my insistence in being portrayed properly and fairly to the community may in fact be premature to a program that is trying to provide a place for sex offenders to live peacefully.

I give he program, the New Creation Ministry, and their House of Mercy some credit. In my over 1000 emails sent using Craigslist to find housing, I would have to say I received maybe less than a dozen responses, even though many have said, we really appreciate your honesty and candor.

It is clear, integrity means nothing when you are a SO, a murder-yes, drug addict-yes, a bank robber-yes, a ex-con-YES, but not them SO!

I am curious, how is it that this state, the state that pioneered the SO database, and has spent millions on it, after 17 years of funding, that this much needed tool has done nothing to affect SO recidivism rates or solve crimes. It is a fact that nothing has changed over the period of SO registration that has lowered reoffending rates of SO over the already the lowest rate amongst felons.

In an article titles, "Re-arrest Less Likely for Sex Offenders; November 16, 2003 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Sex offenders are less likely to be rearrested after their release from prison than other criminals, a government study finds. The study found 5.3 percent of sex offenders were arrested for another sex crime after their release. [...] Still, the numbers appeared to dispute the popular notion that sex offenders are incorrigible. Even among child molesters, [...] only 3.3 percent of those released in 1994 were arrested again for a crime against a child. (Taken from Overview of the articles about Recidivism, IPCE).

Although, I have only just today found this link sourcing articles that appear in their database, I am curious, as to who or what direction these folks are coming from, and or how they play with the ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers) organization that I so find creditable. In first glance, it appears they are just a research group, cataloguing etc., and even controversial opinions are important in understanding what is smoke and what is fire.

In general, if they haven't already, I think penologists who are dealing the SO should read, Before Conflict: Preventing Aggressive Behavior by John D. Byrnes. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press. (BF 575 A3 B97 2002) was never read, or they would be rethinking their approach.

I am tired, today I had the unique experience of using my first Homeless shower, finally finding a place to do my laundry (closed till late August) and yes a place I can write these BLOGS, the U.S. Courthouses cafe has "free wireless- YeeeeS!"


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Anonymous said...

Keep the faith. The animus against sex offenders will end when hate ends and science begins. In public policy during the Bush era, hate has reached a preeminence unprecedented in US history. But facts, science, logic, and statistics will doom ATSA, Bush, and the hate-mongers to irrelevancy and raise the culture, the GDP, and the lives of the oppressed. Statistics have value, and your life has tremendous value. God bless,