Sunday, August 19, 2007

..[ night four - NO- five ]..

This is so confusing. Since I always blog about the night before, I was reviewing my blogs and thought 'jeez I should speed this up and write on the actual night?' So today being the fifth night I have been homeless, and I am going to forget about writing what happened last night for the most part instead to only say the UGM folks seem to all know who I am, and besides last night was not very eventful. The concrete is somehow getting softer and I worked on the letter for Arthur and it appears he was temporarily kicked out of the shelter? Shelter politics? That make me shutter.

During the days I have been working on cleaning up the blogs, since I am not the best writer, I should probably just keep them short, and since today is a weekend, things are quiet, quiet is good.

Come-on Interstate transfer.

But, I did find a fascinating article today dealing with the Franklin Apartments. DOC, in denying my request to move to the Franklin, told my therapist that it was denied due to the fact there where safety issues. But, it appears there has been safety issues for two years, as says this article I found, "From Prison to Pit Sex offenders welcome, but Corrections Dept. protests conditions at Belltown apartments" June 8, 2005 by Cydney Gillis Staff Writer citing, DOC wanting to reduce the number of sex offenders in the building. But, to date there are several SO who within the last several months just recently got approval to live there. It is obvious that many still live there, and it appears opportune, that the reduction has finally begun with me?

Transparent - so transparent.


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