Thursday, August 23, 2007

..[ night nine ].. Armani anyone?

Sitting here outside St. James Cathedral, I just happen to see a man that reminded me of a customer of Heaven. K named him "Armani", and his name fit his choice of clothes.

He was always sharply dressed with Armani suits, cowboy hat and boots. After coming to the store for several months, almost everyday, he approached me and asked if I wanted to buy a $1000 Armani jacket for $200.

Looking at the label , it in fact was an Armani jacket. I was like dude, why are you selling me that so cheap? Are you tired of wearing it or something?

"No I am homeless and I wanted to get something to eat." Shocked, I didn't pry anymore. "Well I tell him," seeing that the jacket was obviously brand new since it still had the labels attached to it I told him, "I am sorry but you l can give you a coffee and a sandwich, but I am not into labels, OK?"

He was a steady customer and when he came to buy a sandwich and a coffee he was always very entertaining to talk to, one day he even brought a series of girls to do a photo shoot. (Now that was a story in itself!)

Always smartly dressed, very tall and handsome, I admired his willingness to stay looking clean and respectful, never guessing him to be homeless.

Speaking of suit jackets. I should probably take mine to the cleaners.



ZMan! said...

Visit my blog sometime. And I wish you the best of luck, this sh*t is slowly changing....

I just saw an interview with Mark Lunsford. He is such a hypocrite. He's been pushing for strong laws for ALL SEX OFFENDERS and now his son was accused of a sex crime and DOES NOT have to be on the sex offender registry, why? Because of who he is, period...

Also, his other son appears to be a criminal as well:

Mark Lunsford had child porn on his machine, why was he not prosecuted?

There is another man, who lost his daughter (CoralRose) and he had child porn on his machine, guess where he is now? In prison, so why isn't Mark Lunsford?

I am against abuse of any kind, but once someone is sentenced and does their time, they should be able to integrate into society and live a normal life, these sex offender registries do not allow that, they are punished for life, even for small crimes like urinating in public in a drunken stupor.

What about murderers, drug dealers/users, gang members, DUI offenders, thieves, etc? Why don't we just have one CRIMINAL registry with ALL criminals on it, regardless of their crime? It's only fair. Right now, it's discrimination. So we can tell if our neighbors are murders, drug dealers/users, gang members, etc?

You can read more of my thoughts (if you will) here:

And what about these people? I don't recall any news about them, why not?

Why do we not see the FACTS in the news? To instill fear for ratings maybe? Just look at this video:

Why do we not see all the above hypocrites on the news? These are the people who are suppose to be protecting us, from what? Them raping and molesting everyone?

These laws, IMO, are a pre-cursor to see what the government can get away with, how many rights they can wipe out. And the sheeple are asleep and not even seeing it. What class of people will be next? Maybe you? Then I'm sure you will say "You know, that ZMan was right!"

Homeless In Seattle said...

The unfortunate reality in this situation is complicated. If the law is giving special treatment - then we have to be concerned - but initially we must always trust the judge has reviewed the facts and is making good rulings of law.

If in fact the father, who lost his daughter, has now in a way is losing his son to the very same act he has fought. This is as well upsetting.

This father has been a catalyst, but is not the synergy that has created much of the froth you are appearing to be concerned, some deserving some not.

Stay focused on the solution, the facts and the issues that can be solved.

I have compassion for the father, for his son, for his daughter and for everyone who is involved, use your energy to educate - educate - educate.