Thursday, August 30, 2007

.. [ day sixteen ] .. with all fairness & It appears the theme of the week for the DOC and me is "perception."

Within all fairness, I have to finally admit, that the CCO I spoke to on Tuesday appears to have made some effort in rectifying my homeless situation.

But where in, renting apartments or rooms, is on a first come first serve basis. With the rental now being investigated finally 12 days later - it unfortunately - apperas to have a perception that someone's which to make me homeless has succeeded, yet again. (Being in this situation since July 4, 2007, that makes it a whopping 58 days to date).

The potential landlord told DOC on Tuesday, to call her back on Thursday, to see if the place was sill available as she found other potential residents.

Bringing it all together, it has been over 30 days since I submitted the Mountlake Terrace address, which I have heard absolutely nothing; 58 days since I was forced out of a perfectly acceptable home, which is now n an area that I am restricted from visiting or living, which happens to be where all my friends live, of which we paid 45 days in a hotel waiting for some kind of answer for paper work that appears was only submitted, 10 days after it was stated, "I will fax this right now, and" and the games began. I already talked about this so I am not going to rehash, abuse. Or for that matter the $4510 in hotel costs alone.

The issue of being restricted, was brought into play after initially being found guilty then later not guilty of an alleged violation of a no contact order. But, taking it all in stride I recognize the real reason why I was taken out of the gay neighbourhood and University district. It was about power, power, power. The fact the DOC officer has kept the condition, and the DOC higher ups refuse to answer my appeal, is called capriciousness. More importantly an abuse of their power.

It appears the theme of the week for the DOC and me is "perception." Mr. Homelessness perception of the world is different than ours.

Research finds: "When inferring the causes of behavior, too much weight is accorded to personal qualities and dispositions of the actor and not enough to situational determinants of the actor's behavior. People also overestimate their own importance as both a cause and a target of the behavior of others. Finally, people often perceive relationships that do not in fact exist, because they do not have an intuitive understanding of the kinds and amount of information needed to prove a relationship." Center for the Study of Intelligence Central Intelligence Agency 1999, Chapter 11, "Biases in Perception of Cause and Effect". [emphasis self].


Here is some fascinating information!!

Also CSOM, CSOM is administered by the Center for Effective Public Policy and the American Probation and Parole Association.

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