Saturday, August 25, 2007

.. [ day ten ] .. is there really this much to say?

Walking to my after 4:45AM wake up call cafe, where I create my mornings day BLOG, I had to poke at the people who are now my neighbors.

Fellow street/homeless people.

Many still bundled next to store windows, or next to their grocery cart, I can not but help wonder what their lives where before we became neighbors? Many give me the appearance that they are either drunk or coming down from high.

But, not all.

Some appear to be homeless. I couldn't help but notice two events.

1: Walking near my destination I noticed a person walking their older Labrador retriever? When I looked, and made eye contact with the dog, smiling as I always do, I couldn't help but notice his sad eyes. My smile quickly faded to sadness, and questions of why is this dog so sad? Sometimes looking at dogs I feel they can tell me a story. I have a dog who lives at my mothers in Arizona, away from the crazy life in and out of jail fighting DOC I have here, and often I would look at him and feel he could tell me through facial expressions, something. Sometimes I expected him to talk back, but was always self assured I was still sane, when he did not!

2: I have gained a small belly! This is horrifying! I have traveled the world, literally, and in none of the third world countries I have visited have any of the homeless had bellies!!!!!! Give me the skinny - stop feeding me! No wonder they only want money!


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