Tuesday, August 28, 2007

.. [ day fourteen ] .. really now

Last night I got my mat slip, day number 14 it said, wow have I been doing this for 14 days?

How do you know when someone is putting things in the record that are lies:

1. The person who tells you that they went to the house so verify the address says "the house appears to be vacant".

2. The person who tells you that that the "place has a playground around it."

So to expose the lies, all you have to do is follow this logic:

1. The house is in fact a CONDO that appears to have be a very nice apartment complex that was converted into Condo's.

2. If they would have found the Condo, it took me on foot almost an hour to find it, they would have had to look into the kitchen window of the apartment that they have to run into before they get to he front door! The kitchen window shows a fully furnished apartment.

3. If they saw a play ground then they were absolutely wrong because non-exists! There is a tennis court as you drive into the complex. But, like I said earlier, this is a very nice Condo complex, and one tennis court that is part of a complex does not make it a play ground.

Next how do you know when DOC is not concerned about public safety?

1. If I truly am a level III sex offender and a danger to society, then being able walk to my home unnoticed and randomly would be paramount.

2. If I truly am a level III sex offender and a danger to society, then having a permanent place for the SPD to check on me would be paramount.

3. If I truly am a level III sex offender and a danger to society, then the list goes on ... for if they truly cared they would have left a message at the shelter instead of doing exactly what it took to leave me at the shelter.

But, you see I don't think that is what DOC wants ... what they want to do is push people to doing drugs. Push people to making themselves their own victim. Push people to feeling depressed. Push people to showing they have dominion over them. What DOC really wants is to tell people, see we are right, our perceptions of this vacuum are really true and it recidivates.

But, what DOC doesn't get ... is that I am not that person. In fact that person was a level I allegedly named 42-year-old Terapon Adhahn.

The system in Washington that designates sex levels is broken. It is capricious, and more importantly; DOC has no vision of what it is controlling.

It is plane to see, that not even an independent review of its best practices would work, because as the Chrono logs above show, people who work within the DOC have no accountability of what they enter into those logs. It is a shame, that in my case they are so focused on something more than a perceived danger. They are focused on winning!

Winning doesn't save lives in this case. Accurately determining risk does!

You know it generally takes 3 seconds for someone just to say ok your housing is approved/disapproved. Now waiting for over 2 weeks!


Crazy! O Dead or Alive is playing above me at this restaurant, "Like a Record" .... I love the disco ball!!


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