Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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I am on the road back to Seattle. I am not very happy about homeless shelters, concrete floors and one inch floor mats. But, then again this is not cruel and unusual punishment, this is regulatory justice only put upon on sex offenders. Especially, this particular sex offender who refuses to let go of the fact he was convicted so two rapists could walk free and the state could protect them, after the youngman testifies that I never sexually touched or engaged in any sexual propensities!

Unless of course if this state wishes to allow for a young gay man and an older gay man, based on a friendship, to be considered a sexual propensity, then I have to say that this state is the most bigoted state I have ever met.

Justice in the process that provides for the state to participation in the protection of men who molest, after a youngman tells them the truth of who did molest him, is incomprehensible! I am returning not with the same passion from which I left, but reinvigorated, that to stand outside such a horrible system, only strengthens my position that this youngmans life had been hugely impacted negatively by these very actors. I remember every night the words of the Honorable Alsdorf during the early proceeding's, "I cannot help but feel this case is morphing...We will get to the truth and figure out who are the actors and what is the truth in this case."

Nope. Not yet. You can never get to the actors, if the political system is so ingrained in hate that it cannot see, or does not care, who it is victimizing. This is my passion!


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