Tuesday, February 5, 2008

.. [ from the comforts of home ] .. to the streets of Seattle

Call me a pessimists. Or quite possibly a realist. But, today I got a call from my PO in Phoenix who informed me since Seattle has not responded to my travel permit, they are sending me on my way. I quite do not understand the mechanics of what he said. But, I did not care. All I heard as that I have to leave my warm home and my best friend Turtle to live potentially on the streets.

I have made a few calls, and have secured a place to live once there. But, once again, if Seattle continues the melody of housing approval (or I should say denial) games they played before me leaving. The homeless shelter will once again be where I have to stay.

This is what I call plain counter productive. I have been in the community for now almost three years. I have done nothing but live by their Uber standards, that can only be explained as ineffective, for it is a fact only 6% of all sex offender recidivists, recitative within a year of being released into the community. All this effort - does nothing - but waste resources on taking care of the real issue. Like convicting the molesters who raped the alleged victim and in fear pointed the guilty finger at me. It makes me think that with all the alleged sophistication of our legal system, it tends to fail to do the most obvious thing, protect the child. He got on the stand for 6.5 hours and he told you who raped him and as plain as could be said he explained I never touched him as was claimed by those rapists, that the state now protects!

They protect them to protect this maligned conviction, and I am disgusted to have to step onto Washington's soil, for every step I make on their streets I am reminded that this young mans life has been bombarded with legal justification that allows and protects people who raped him. What a farce. The mantra of "protect our most valuable resource" has been lost in the politics of dancing around facts and legal process.

The painful reality is I have yet again to share the streets of two men who raped this now young man, and I am angry at the process that allows for both to occur.


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