Friday, February 8, 2008

.. [ so I was told ] ..

So yesterday morning I was told by my Seattle CCO that he would investigate me returning to my address where I lived previously, so at least I would ne be homeless when I returned. Then he took Russel phone numbers. I as well let him know that I really want to move back to my state of residence. Which is Portland . But, only because at least there I can find housing, and maybe even a job!

Today I read an article, and the only thought I could think of was to add to the end of the article... "and sex offenders in Washington."

"Think about that. Did you ever imagine that we would have a president who uses legalistic euphemisms and craven rationalizations to justify strapping prisoners down and subjecting them to simulated drowning? A president who claims the right to use waterboarding, and God knows what other "techniques," in the future if he wants?

This is a moral outrage, people. At least, it should be. There simply cannot be any kind of pro-and-con debate over the use of torture -- whatever anodyne phrase you hide it behind -- by agents of the United States government on persons in custody. Torture is not debatable. It is forbidden by U.S. and international law. It is a vile implement used by tinhorn despots, not by the elected leaders of great democracies." ("Damage That Must Be Undone", By Eugene Robinson, Friday, February 8, 2008; Page A19).


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